Foods That Burn Fat

We are all aware by now that if we consume more calories than we burn the end result is weight gain. What a lot of us do not know is that there are many readily available foods that burn fat, boost your metabolism and can increase your weight loss dramatically. Forget diet pills and so called quick fix crash diets that only lead to unhealthy bodies and more often than not more weight gain.

Lets look at a healthy way to achieve your goals with a balanced diet that is easy to adapt to, promotes well being, and ultimately will get you to your target weight.

We need to kick start the day with a boost to our metabolism and there is no better way than with a Nutritious bowl of Oatmeal.

Foods you can eat on the go and those to avoid.

1: Oatmeal

Unsweetened, unflavoured Oatmeal is not everyone’s idea of a tasty breakfast, but be assured it WILL boost your metabolism giving you more energy for the day. Keeping you feeling fuller it helps to eliminate cravings, reduce your cholesterol and more importantly will Burn Fat.
Oatmeal as we know is not exactly high on most peoples list of tasty foods, but what if we added a sprinkle of delicious Fresh Berries to make it more appetising.
Sounds good don’t you think?

2: Fresh Berries

Yes, hard to believe but Berries such as Blueberries, Cranberries, Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries are full of Fibre so great to snack on when those hunger pangs kick in. Known as a Catabolic food which means they will burn more calories than they contain. Music to our ears!

Cravings are a fact of life but why do we always try to satisfy them with the unhealthiest of foods such as chips and chocolate? Lets face it how do we feel after a craving binge? Not exactly healthy and full of energy, because all we achieve is a spike in our sugar levels which inevitably leads to fat storage in the body. So think about it, the next time you sit down with that delicious chocolate bar just say to yourself, I am now going to store this on my Belly, Hips, Thighs. Get what I’m saying? What we need are Healthy Fillers to snack on and keep that fat furnace burning! Nuts are what I’m talking about.

3: Walnuts and Almonds

Yes, Walnuts, Almonds and other nuts are one of the many fantastic foods that boost your metabolism leaving you feeling fuller for longer periods. You can munch away on up to 24 Almonds per day and know that the fat is still burning away. One point to remember is to avoid the salty types as these may lead to an increase in blood pressure. Enjoy!

Although we are searching for those foods that burn fat, we need to be aware that the body does need some Healthy Fats such as Olive Oil.

4: Olive Oil

Olive Oil, the 1 oz Extra Virgin Oil with 95% Monounsaturated Fatty Acids which is most beneficial to our health, lowering Cholesterol and burning away that excess fat. When shopping avoid vegetable oils as they contain unhealthy Trans Fats.

The old saying is that a good breakfast sets you up for the day. I agree, but what does GOOD mean exactly? Pancakes and Syrup, Streaky Bacon and Fried Eggs? Don’t think so! There is however one product I have already mentioned that is GOOD and will set you up for the day. Got it yet? EGGS!! YES Correct!

4: Eggs

In recent times eggs have had a pretty bad reputation. Identified as one of the foods responsible for increasing Cholesterol levels, people who normally had eaten eggs for breakfast became concerned and eliminated them from their diet. Not Necessary! We are now being informed that eggs are good for us! Well in fact they are a great source of Protein and an excellent metabolism booster as they burn fat and calories more than most foods. Always use Free Range Eggs and avoid Grain Fed/Battery Farm Eggs. The selection of best fat burning foods available that will leave you wondering why you left it so long to discover them. Creating delicious meals whilst still being able to enjoy some of your favourite dishes leads me on to Meats.

5: Lean Meats

Meat is another great source of Protein, Fat and Essential Vitamins. When cooking meat discard all the visible fat and use healthy options for cooking e.g. Steaming, Grilling, Baking, Dry Frying and only use the Lean Parts of the meat. Try to limit your intake to between 1 and 2 servings weekly due to the fat and cholesterol content. What is the point of preparing a wonderful meat dish without some delicious Leafy Green Vegetables e.g. Broccoli, Spinach, Asparagus, Kale or Salad to go with it?

6: Vegetables

Full of Nutrients and packed with Vitamins, Leafy Green Vegetables are essential in the battle of the bulge. Known to rapidly decrease Cholesterol levels and boost the metabolism you will feel fuller for longer periods of time. Eliminate all the poor quality processed foods from your diet as they only leave you wanting more. Listen To Your Body when it is craving the Nutrients found in all these foods that burn fat.
Only YOU can make the change to a healthier lifestyle, so get started and before you know it you will be a healthier happier, more energetic and lets not forget SLIMMER person.

Foods you can eat on the go and those to avoid.

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